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We have years of experince that will keep you operational at all times.  We are fully aware that consistency is a key factor in providing good customer service.  Therefore, we only agent for experienced food companies that are able to offer a wide range of food products.  Our food distributor offers kosher Foods, USDA Beef, and Halal Food certifications for international distribution. Our food distributor has the expertise in shipping products efficiently so as to place as much of your product on one container that can possibly fit.  When shipping your products, we can floor load, palletize, or provide bulkheads in your container.  

Food Distributor

When looking to agent for food companies, we look for a company that has a high regard for quality ingredients and years of experience in food exportation and regulations.  

We have been an agent for an excellent food distributor whose history, values, and standards are vastly superior to other food companies we have been agents for in the past.  Working with Ferraro Foods located in Piscataway, New Jersey for the past five years has brought great satisfaction to our customers located internationally.

If you need food exported to various countries, contact us and experience fine food and fine service.

Food Companies

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