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One definition for logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the destination.  We handle that management by using various freight mediums whether airlines, trains, and/or trucking, whichever makes the most sense when looking at the bottom dollar and timeframe. We have recently begun to build our own fleet for trucking local freight in Norfolk, Virginia and the east coast.  We are greatful of the support of many valued customers.  This new fleet will allow us to offer even lower freight prices to our customers and ensure even more timely deliveries.  

Virginia Trucking


As a new division in our company, the management behind it is certaintly familiar.  Now able to offer our customers more than brokerage, our transportation costs are significantly lower than our brokerage pricing.  However, our trucks are limited in size and we currently only service the east coast.


Our brokerage division includes air freight using familiar airlines, hazardous drayage, flatbed drayage, ocean freight, bonded trucks, ISO tank drayage, FTL trucking, LTL trucking, refrigerated trucking, and transloading services.  We have an extensive network of vedors that we grade on each order in price and deliverability to ensure that our customers only receive the best service and price.

Owner Operators

We also have a nationwide network of truckers!  If you own your truck and would like to join our network, simply email us with your information and desired run locations. We are always looking for experienced truckers to handle contracts.

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